ClassHug FAQs

Is this just for the annual summer trip to the theme park ?
ClassHug is for the trip to the library, the weekly bus journey to the swimming pool, the visit to the bakery at the supermarket or the walk to the church. It’s perfect for Forest school and bug hunts in the park. Anytime you step out of the classroom, think ClassHug.

Obviously it’s perfect for the big trips to the museum, the theatre or the theme park as well.
What is the range of the trackers?
The trackers have a range of upto 80 metres when outdoors, the range is less when indoors or underground. For EYFS and KS1/2 we have found that teachers want to keep children closer than this so range is not an issue. Many teachers are surprised when they see the range on the map we show just how far 80m really is.
Must we provide you a list of our children’s names? We have concerns about some names being made public.
We offer the option of uploading lists of names to our app which allows you to quickly select names from a list when you come to pair a child with a tracker. There is an option to manually add your own names which is both simple and quick if you prefer. Don’t forget, you do not have to add a real name – for particularly sensitive children you can just use an initial, an alias, a number etc – nobody sees it but you.
Is your data storage GDPR compliant?
Yes. We are built to meet the requirements of the most security sensitive global organisations. The data security levels maintained exceed those required by GDPR.
We do not allow the use of phones in our setting. Can we still use ClassHug?
ClassHug requires the teacher/TA/Nursery worker to use with a smartphone or tablet. We are very happy to work with institutions to define a policy that supports current guidelines on mobile phone use and allows the app to be introduced.

We are able to provide low cost smartphones to schools with the camera, internet, social media and all other undesirable functions disabled – all you can do is use the ClassHug app and phone numbers in a contacts list – school, other teachers, emergency services etc. We have not yet found a school that does not consider this acceptable.
Children like to fiddle! Can they switch/take the tracker off?
No. You will notice a clicking sound if you press the tracker top but this has no effect other than to make a clicking sound. We offer a variety of wearable options that either allow the child to remove the tracker themselves, or limit it to just the teacher. It’s your decision, not ours.
We’re not sure we want our younger children to wear lanyards as we’re worried they may get caught.
We provide a variety of options for ways children can wear their tracker. We can demonstrate all of these and help you decide on the best fit for your setting. You are not limited to only one choice and we are happy to tailor to your wishes.
Why must we pay an annual subscription?
As with all technology companies, we are constantly working on enhancing ClassHug. Our small, annual charge ensures you keep up-to-date with our technology and that you always have a full set of functioning trackers.
Why don’t you offer a GPS tracker with the app?
From experience, we know that ClassHug is used most widely in more remote open areas where children are encouraged to roam independently. GPS use depends on a clear and constant satellite connection. Our use of BlueTooth technology ensures the Apple device and the tracker remain connected until the device user decides to remove the pairing. We are not dependent on either a wifi or phone signal.
Do I need a different tracker for every child in the school?
At the end of each trip or outing the trackers are available for the next group of children. When you start a new outing you simply choose in the app which children/class/year you’re taking out and off you go. We recommend you have enough trackers for a whole year but more than that is unnecessary.
Can we buy for Android use?
No. We have made the decision to be available on iOS only as it offers a much more secure environment. Apple tightly controls the apps available in the App Store which we feel gives greater comfort to our users.
Can a tracker/child be tracked with more than 1 teacher?
Yes. Simply pair the tracker in the app on your device and any other devices you require.
What if a tracker breaks on trip day?
We always over-supply our trackers to ensure you have spare available in the unlikely event one does not respond to pairing. All our trackers are thoroughly tested and checked before being sent out. If a tracker malfunctions whilst a child is wearing it, the alarm on the iOS device will sound immediately alerting you to an issue with the tracker. Return it to us and you’ll have a free replacement in 48 hours.
How much support will we receive when we introduce ClassHug?
This is up to you! We can be on-site and set the trackers and app for you, we can be on the phone and walk you through or you can follow our easy-to-use guides and get things up and running yourself (knowing our support is just a call away). Every setting adopts their own way of using ClassHug and we work hard to ensure we fit around you. Our client team are all experienced teachers so will talk your language, not confuse you with technology.
Do you have any reference sites?
Yes, we have sites happy to share their experiences with you. Please contact us and we will put you in touch with our nearest site to you.
We have an annual whole-school trip. Can we borrow extra trackers for this one trip?
We are happy to help arrange this and keep a reserve of trackers for this very purpose but ask you us plenty of notice as it can get very busy at certain times such as just before Christmas and late in the summer term.
Won’t your device encourage helicopter parenting?
The only people able to monitor the trackers are those you have explicitly given permission to.

You are unable to remotely view the children’ location in real time so parents will be unable to view from home.

Use of ClassHug is a great way of offering comfort to parents that you are providing an extra level of care to their children whilst removing the need for parents to introduce using their own GPS tracker.
Isn’t it better for children to set their own boundaries rather than rely on technology?
Absolutely. And ClassHug has not been designed to operate as a surveillance tool or to put up barriers to trust. ClassHug simply allows the teacher to teach and the children to actively engage in their learning whilst ClassHug automatically headcounts, including children who may be out of direct sight. You can allow children greater freedom to explore their surroundings, knowing ClassHug can support your staff in keeping the children safe.