About Us

After my son wandering off in the Zoo and stories of other exhausting school trips – I was sure technology could help! They say that necessity is the mother of invention so jump forward to 2018 and I’ve started The Hug Group Ltd and launched our first product – ClassHug.

Here are the people who have helped make ClassHug the success it is so far today!

Meet the Team

Andy Davies

Founder & CEO

020 3637 8311

Prior to founding The Hug Group in late 2016, Andy worked in financial services and was the founder and CEO of CloudMargin Ltd, a multi-award winning financial risk management platform. Andy spends a lot of his free time chasing his two children around parks and soft-play centres. Andy is also a Governor at his local school.

Jade Estelle

Director of Sales & Marketing

020 3637 8217

Jade is Director of Sales and Marketing here at The Hug Group as well as a mother of two girls under the age of 11 and has also worked in the educational sector. Safeguarding children has always been Jade’s main focus so when the opportunity arose to spread to word about ClassHug and join the team at The Hug Group – she jumped at it!

Vanessa Fell

Director of Education & Industry Relations

020 3637 8310

Vanessa has over 20 years of experience in education within EYFS and KS1 including being Nursery Coordinator, Early Years Teacher and the SENDco (Special Educational Needs and Disability coordinator) at a leading independent school in Surrey. Vanessa has been a leading advocate of learning outside of the classroom both on and off site.

Lee Denness

Chief Technology Officer

020 3637 8310

Lee has been writing educational apps in his spare time for years as well as teaching children to be programmers and running the coding club at his school. Lee has taken the plunge to be a full time developer and uses his education background for the next wave of EdTech, designing apps with teachers and children in mind.

Sam Wilkinson

Full Stack Developer

020 3637 8310

Sam has a real passion for full stack web development. He has a degree in Computer Science as well as experience in web development and developing applications in React which makes him an asset here at Hug Group. Sam has taught English abroad in places like Mexico and Taiwan, he can also speak Spanish at a high level.