We Safeguard Children & Tackle Obesity One Step at a Time

ClassHug monitors where every child is every second you're out of the classroom and instantly alert you if they stray further away than you want. Cut the stress of headcounts and lost children, focus on being a teacher.

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The StepITS programme combines IoT enabled pedometers with a web platform of targets, challenges and real-time league tables to get children moving and keep them active for the long-term.

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  • No teacher sleeps well the night before a trip, ClassHug's innovative technology provides a simple solution to that all to familiar fear, "What if one of them runs off?" As a teacher leading a trip you now know that your beloved little angels can run, but they can't hide!

    Dan Lea
    Primary School Deputy Head (previous winner of UK Teaching Award for Next Generation Learning)
  • The HugGroup have been so supportive in the initial stages of setting up the trackers. Our Children are happy to wear them and our parents are happy because they have peace of mind. I believe in being pro-active not reactive when our children's safety is concerned. The ClassHug trackers are well worth investing in.

    Carol Roach
    Head of Early Years at Terra Nova School