Tackling childhood obesity one step at a time

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The StepITS programme combines IoT enabled pedometers with a web platform of targets, challenges and real-time league tables to get children moving and keep them active for the long-term.

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Our Web App is simple to use! We have carried out extensive research to provide teachers with the best user experience. Children love our leaderboards where they can see how other classes are doing as this encourages them to move more! Our Challenges are made with the school curriculum in mind designed to aid with lesson planning for teachers and to provide educational value to children. Our Data Dashboard has been assembled to make reading the data an easy task for any teacher.

Stepits is a wearable device for children that is able to store activity data and seamlessly able to transfer this data to our receiver via a secure Bluetooth network so there’s no extra work for teachers! Stepits aims to tackle childhood obesity one step at a time! We have designed the device with children in mind therefore there are no displays, noises or vibrations to distract children from their learning. The device simply slides onto the child’s waistband, so it is out of sight. We like to say it’s out of sight and out of mind!

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