What is StepITS?

A step count intervention programme using IoT to capture activity of every child in a school, every day of their school life, automatically! Challenges and competitions motivate the children and give non-sporty kids the incentive to get on their feet! 

StepITS is:

1) An anti-obesity intervention that leads to a 20% increase in daily activity, backed up by academic research. 

2) Fully inclusive and designed to motivate non-active children just as much as the sporty types. Public health studies have shown shown that the effectiveness is greatest on the least active children.

3) The programme consists of internet enabled activity trackers for every child; together with a web platform to set activity based targets, challenges and rewards for the children. The activity trackers record and upload activity data for real-time collation, analysis and display, the teachers do not have to get involved in data-capture. Live status screens show performance in real-time, this feedback is an important motivational tool and key to the success.

4) Challenges and rewards are tailored to the age group and children’s own interests, maximising participation and enthusiasm. Targets can be set at the class, year group, school and intra-school level to encourage competition. Achievement certificates are automatically produced for children to take home in their book bags and prove what they’ve achieved

5) Lesson plans and teaching resources supporting the national curriculum are provided to aid the incorporation of increased activity into otherwise sedentary lessons, as appropriate, raising the profile of activity across the school

6) Empirical evidence of increased activity from the programme assists the school in documenting use of sports premium funding and long-term benefits to the children, and monitoring activity class-by-class or year-by-year and validating the effectiveness of new obesity interventions.

When is StepITS launching?

The pilot of StepITS began in September 2018 in a number of primary schools in Kent, Surrey & SE London. The feedback from pilot schools will be used for a soft-launch in November 2018 before the national launch at BETT 2019 in January



How do we register our interest or find out more?

To get involved or get more details simply contact us via our Contact page email us at stepits@huggroup.co.uk or call the team on 020 3637 8311


What’s the deal with the green turtle?

The “green turtle” is a tortoise called Sydney. Sydney is the StepITS mascot and you will see them more and more. Why a tortoise? Because just like in the tortoise and the hare story, we know that every step a child does makes a difference, fighting isn’t about running the fastest or being the first.

The journey to a healthy life starts with a single step.

Sydney will be starring in their own book soon and appearing at assemblies in schools across the land. Watch this space!