School Trips

When I was at school I went on many trips with the school, many of them were when I was in Primary school. When I was in year 2 I went to Botany Bay, a beach in the south east of England, being in year 2 I was very young around the age of 5 or 6. My mum was very worried about me going due to the dangers the sea gives e.g. strong tides and riptides which are very dangerous for someone of any age. My mum came with the school to supervise the school and make sure I was alright, the trip went on and everyone was fine, but if someone wasn’t the casualties could have been severe.
The teachers kept having to do a head count which can take time, if the school had a way to track the students then the need for my mum to go on the trip, to keep an eye on me would be removed.


Another trip I went on was to PGL when I was 9 which is an outdoor camp. The way they kept an eye on us was with my schools colour on a cap, which was a good system if we were all together but when we had free time they couldn’t keep an eye on us the whole time meaning we could of got lost. Our school luckily had a good system but there are schools who aren’t as good at keeping track of their students meaning the school look bad for losing a student at whatever age.

If a school were to lose a pupil when out, it raises questions of how well the teaching staff are doing their job? How can this of happened? What could have been put in place to stop this? By the time this question is being asked it too late and these questions can’t stop what happened meaning these questions needed to be asked before to prevent a potential casualty. This is where companies like The Hug Group come in with their Child Tracker Devices which go on the child’s wrist or bag and the teacher, childminder or parent and the phone app alerts them if they go out of range. After researching this would be a useful product for schools to use and definitely something that would reduce a lot of stress from teachers and parents when out the house with children!

ClassHug Trackers – A Students View